I am a Professor in the Research Institute of Information Technology (RIIT) at Tsinghua University. I was elected as the New Century Excellent Talent of the Chinese Ministry of Education in 2009, won the Chinese National Science Foundation for Distinguished Young Scholars in 2012,and was elected as the Leading Talent of Scientific and Techinical Innovation of the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology in 2013,and was elected as Leading Talent of the Ten Thousand Talent Program in 2014. My research interests span broad aspects of Multimedia Communication and Computer Networks. Till now, I have published over 120 papers in refereed journals and conferences and held over 20 invention patents authorized by China governments. Some of my research results have been adopted as Chinese industry standards. In 2012, I won the Second Prize of the State Technological Invention Award as the principle investigator of ‘A Novel Video Delivery Network for Massive Internet Users’. In 2011, I won the Second Prize of National Natural Science Award as the Co-PI of ‘Stochastic Models and Performance Optimization of Computer Network Resource’. During 2006-2011, I was the Chief Scientist of ChinaCache (the largest CDN service provider in China, NASDAQ:CCIH). During 2005-2010,I was the Vice-Director of Ministry of Education & Microsoft Joint "Multimedia and Network Technology" Key Lab .I am also the Vice Dean of Jiangsu Future Networks Innovation Institute.Recently,I serviced as director of Hyperconnection Lab.

My CV is available here. (Updated in May. 2019)

Our lab is accepting Ph.D. applications. I am welcoming any students with keen passion in doing research and excellent abilities to work.

Research Highlights

My main researches include the following two aspects:

Architecture, algorithm design and system implementation of large-scale media delivery platform. We succeeded in combining content delivery network (CDN) technology and Peer-to-Peer (P2P) technology together, and designed a novel media delivery network based on the hybrid structure. Besides, we solved the problems of resource allocation, QoS control and ISP friend in this architecture. The novel system can significantly reduce operating costs and strengthen its scalability, while meeting user’s QoS requirements. We also proposed TrustStream, a secure video delivery architecture, which takes scalability, heterogeneity, security into account simultaneously. In this framework, we integrated features of video encoding technology, network transmission technology and key management technology, achieving good trade-off. Based on the above research results, we implement a "large-scale video delivery platform", which has successfully been applied in ChinaCache, the largest CDN service provider in China. This platform has provided online video distribution services for lots of large-scale national events (e.g., Premier Wen Jiabao’s online communication with Internet users and VoD service of 2008 Beijing Olympic Games). Our research work in this area was awarded the Seconde Prize of the State Technological Invention Award.

Performance evaluation of Internet applications in China. With the help of the distributed measuring network, using a variety of measurement tools, methods and stochastic model, we can evaluate network performance, monitor user behavior of Internet applications, predict trend and visualize the status of Chinese Internet, which won the second class National Award for Natural Sciences. At the same time, the media platform successfully provided VoD service for Beijing Olympics. Through deep log analysis, I summarized the user behavior and system behavior characteristics of this VoD service, and proposed the concept of Live VoD for the first time. This paper was published on the ACM SIGCOMM IMC 2009.


Academic & Social Services

Major Awards

Representative Publications

Patents & Standards



  • Dr.Dongchao Guo
  • Dr.Kai Wang
  • Dr.Bo Yin

Ph.D. Candidates

  • Jiaqing Dong
  • Feng Li
  • Zexun Jiang
  • Lu Kang
  • Libo Jiao
  • Qin Gao
  • Cong zha
  • Yuejin Cui

Former Graduate Students & Postdocs

  • Changlai DU
  • Shi KANG
  • Fuhan CHEN
  • Tongyu ZHAN
  • Lijian ZOU
  • Ning XIA
  • Dr. Ran Liu
  • Dr. Xiaoqun Yuan
  • Dr. Xuening Liu (Postdoc)
  • Dr. Rui Guo (Postdoc)
  • Dr. Qilin Fan
  • Dr. Xu Zhang
  • Wei Wang

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